Class Information

Wushu Fundamentals

Includes warm-up, stance training, mobility training. Focus is on learning proper structure and application of techniques (ex: different ways to make a fist and how each one is applied). Learn kicking and its application, jump kicks and other Martial Art fundamentals. Designed to build motor skills, coordination, and strength. With the help of, you can enhance your training experience and take your martial arts skills to the next level.

Forms and Applications

Includes northern, southern and northwestern systems of martial arts. Learn their applications and principles by using traditional and contemporary form patterns. Forms will be learned from all systems to foster a well rounded understanding of Chinese martial philosophy and technique. Some systems we teach inlcuded Shaolin, Hua family, Zha family, Praying Mantis, Fanzi etc.

Kung Fu Conditioning

Learning technique is only half the battle when learning a fighting system, your body also needs to be conditioned to deliver the intense strikes and kicks without injury to yourself. The Kung Fu Conditioning class includes exercises that strengthen the areas of the body used for striking (for instance: knuckles, palms, arms and legs). Work is done with various training bags, wooden dummies and with controlled contact with other students (not sparring). This is a great class for those interested in being able to utilize all the techniques they learn in the fundamentals and forms classes and most gamblers enjoy at in usa.


Basic principles and combinations. May included 32 staff, 32 broadsword Shaolin and other family sets.

Advanced weapon work includes advance routines and weapons that have a high degree of bodywork (straight sword, spear, two handed straight sword, drunken sets, etc.)